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2023 Homelab Projects Amid Robotics Coaching

With the First Robotics build season in full swing and the team is working hard to get a robot that’s competition ready! As one of the coaches, I’ll be just as busy but might chip away at these projects over the next couple of months as the season gets into full swing. With that here’s a list of the projects for my home lab that will be getting chipped away at(time permitting).

  • Expand CEPH cluster storage
  • Add 2 more Proxmox nodes to the cluster
  • Look into cloud backup solutions that require minimal manual action
  • Setup stack in a single area and monitor power usage
  • Streamline CT and VM creation
  • Work on a dashboard for services
  • Work on updating Uptime Kuma configs for services
  • Tweak Crowdsec and Cloudflare security and monitoring
  • Settle on whether to collect metrics and what is the best way(ie Google, Matomo, etc)
  • Setup remote python build environment for team(more on that in a coming post)

As always, fair winds and following seas.

Rebotics Mug _You know it’s crunch time in build season when the big mug come out and it’s a weekend!

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