Back At IT: Updates on Tech Ed and Internet Outage

A quick update on exploring Amatrol for high school tech ed pathways, navigating a Spectrum internet outage, and plans for regular blog posts. Stay tuned!

I thought I would take time to update you and what’s been going on since it’s been a couple of weeks since the last post. The first news was that I went on a trip with a co-worker to look at Amatrol and their trainers and curriculum to see about a new high school tech ed pathway. The reasons for me going was to see if we could a. support the technology and b. if it meshed with my previous manufacturing experience. This took some time to digest. The second was that after catching up from the trip we had a fairly large internet outage, Spectrum, so things were a little chaotic. Now that things are returning to semi-normal I’ll be working to put out posts again on a more regular basis. Keep checking back, fair winds and following seas!

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