Vet Insights on U.S. Government Shutdowns

U.S. Navy vet discusses the impact of gov't shutdowns on military and federal workers. Learn how credit unions offer aid with interest-free loans.

Just before I joined the US Navy, back in the late 90s, there was a government shutdown during the Clinton era that saw many service members(along with other federal employees) without a paycheck while congress argued over who got what. I remember one possible shutdown during my time and asking those who were in during the Clinton era how they handled it.

It turned out many federal credit unions(Navy Federal, Armed Forces CU, etc) had given interest-free loans to all active service members in good standing, to be paid back when the back pay was eventually deposited. In other words, those institutions stepped in to do what the government was struggling to do.

Part of public service is pushing on regardless of the circumstances because there are bigger things at play. That doesn’t mean we don’t ponder our career choices from time to time.

More stories to follow again soon, fair winds and following seas.

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